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There is a wealth of information from secondary market research sources, such as research services and government statistics. However, when you require up-to-the-minute information that's specific to your company and product, you'll need to conduct primary market research. Primary market research techniques such as surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups can help you find just the information you need. Because primary market research can be time-consuming, most research participants need more incentive than the chance to make their voices heard.

At HLS Consulting, our network professionals can determine what primary market research technique you need to use in order to provide the most effective and economical analysis for your company. If we determine the scope of your study is large enough that you need to hire a research agency, we can help you find the agency that's most suited to your needs.

Finally, at HLS Consulting we make sure the research process is well planned and documented to ensure we provide you with information that is valuable for making business decisions, and for planning your marketing strategy.

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