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Doing Business Better
Doing Business Better
Transitions and Transactions
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HLS Consulting - Doing Business Better

HLS Consulting provides advisory services to clients in
the United States and Canada enabling companies to
achieve their strategic objectives while better managing
their risks and reducing their costs. We focus on providing practical and cost effective solutions based on proven approaches.

We accomplish this through the HLS Consulting network of experienced professionals, and use strategic partnering, sourcing and technology enabled solutions.

Interim Executive Services

Network Professionals Accepting New Clients
The HLS Consulting network includes individuals who have meaningful experience in the “C-Suite” and within a
variety of industries. HLS Consulting can provide your
company with interim executive leadership for company reorganizations, and to bridge executive resignations and
executive absences.

Business Process Sourcing

At HLS Consulting, our network’s experience and industry relationships can provide your company individualized solutions incorporating a broad range of best practice approaches both onshore and offshore.

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Transaction Assistance

Capital Acquisition
HLS Consulting professionals will help you build and refine
your company’s proposal for additional capital, work
through the projections and optimal capital structures, and
will assist in marketing your capital raise and negotiating
the terms with prospective investors.

Seller Advisory 

At HLS Consulting we understand the sale of a business is
a complex process that presents the opportunity for
substantial financial rewards. Our HLS Consulting
professionals have the experience necessary to manage
this challenging process and to maximize your outcome in
a timely manner.


Process Automation and Cost Reduction

The HLS Consulting process improvement practice focuses
on analyzing your current processes and systems, and will
make every effort to build upon your company’s existing
technology to create cost effective solutions while
minimizing retraining and business interruption.

We find that in most cases, companies have already made
significant investments in their current operations, and
may only require better utilization of their existing tools
verses abandoning and replacing investments in processes
and technology.

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At HLS Consulting, we understand that building effective business plans and projections, whether to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity or for other strategic purposes, can be a complex and difficult task.

The HLS Consulting business planning professionals can help you carry out the
Market Research, planning, analysis and model-building activities you need to make key decisions and improve your strategic outcomes.

Budgeting and Cost Control

At HLS Consulting, our professionals have experience with a wide variety of the commercially available budget systems as well as internally developed programs. This enables HLS Consulting to use your systems and apply our industry best practice approach to help you get the most of your budget process.

Financial Reporting Solutions

At HLS Consulting, our professionals have in-depth experience with financial reporting and analysis across a number of industries including insurance, financial services, software and technology, as well as manufacturing.


Most successful companies eventually find themselves generating more cash than they can reasonably reinvest in their businesses at attractive returns on capital.

Bad strategy abounds. Senior executives who can spot it stand a much better chance of creating good strategies.


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