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At HLS Consulting, we understand that building effective business plans and projections, whether to evaluate a new market opportunity, a transaction, or for other strategic purposes, can be a complex and difficult task.

When growth plans call for doing things that are entirely new, like expanding into new geographies or adding products, it’s well worth the leadership’s time to examine existing organizational structures to see if they’re flexible enough to support the new initiatives. Sometimes they won’t be.  Business processes are another area that companies often overlook when they are growing. It’s important for a company to determine which processes will come under particular stress when it grows. HLS Consulting professionals can assist you in creating structures and establishing processes that will ensure success.

Growth naturally creates new interactions and processes, expected and unexpected, and often at a fast pace. To manage them, the employees who face the greatest complexity must have “ambidextrous” capabilities. These enable people to take initiative beyond the confines of their jobs, to cooperate and build linkages across the organization, and to complete many tasks in parallel. HLS Consulting professionals will help you identify those individuals best suited to help you realize your strategic goals.

The HLS Consulting business planning professionals can help you carry out the planning, analysis, staff evaluation and financial modeling activities you need to make key decisions and improve your strategic outcomes.

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